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Dog Emojis

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We see so many wonderfully different dogs every day; we wanted to share this with the public.For dog lovers, the current range of emoji is a little lacking with either a poodle or a puppy to choose from.
But now we have launched the first ever dog emojis keyboard to let people represents with the dog emojis. Not only are these emoticons fun to look at, they're even better when you share them.
It wants to harness the power of the world’s fastest growing language to highlight the variety of dog emojis, as well as allowing dog owners and dog lovers to share and enjoy their favourite breeds in messages to friends and family. Dog Emoticons application is designed user friendly to make your texting experience more powerful.
Android users must open the Dog Emojis' App on their app screen and tap on the menu icon to select ‘settings’.
Users can also install the keyboard so it’s automatically available within their messaging app. They can then choose the specific messaging and social apps they want to show a shortcut to the keyboard and the keyboard will show up in any of the chosen messaging apps.
Tapping on a dog shares it in a text message of on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter or native message.
These Emojis will send "fun" better than ever before.
No personal or sensitive information that you type when using this app will be collected.
For anyone who is concerned about allowing this app full access to your keyboard, you can simply open the app and share all of the emoji directly from the app itself.
Liven up your message and make it memorable with Dog Emojis!
To get the keyboard, dog lovers must download and install the Dogs Emojis app.
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